the 1st novel include 2 story..
1) The Man Tamer by Cindi Myers.
There's not a man Rachel Westover can't tame. Or at least transform a sports-loving, self-absorbed mate into perfect mate-that is until she meets Garret Kelly.
If Rachel succeeds in domesticating Garret, she gets her own TV show. Sure, he's more resistant than she expected. But she's determined one of them is going to their knees. She just hopes it isn't her!
2) Kiss And Dwell
Monique Vicknair has a secret-she's a medium, dedicated to helping spirits cross to the other side. Unfortunately, she's been so busy she hasn't taken care of her own earthly needs... So when she meets sexy Ryan Chappelle, she's more than ready for a fling.

The 2nd Novel is Italian Boss, Ruthless Revenge by Carol Marinelli..
Sexy Italian Billionaire Lazarro Renaldi chooses a woman like his cars - sleek, elegant and easily upgraded to a new model. His mistrust of women is seared onto his soul. But there's something about Caitlyn that tempts him to take her...
But then Lazarro starts to believe Caitlyn isn't as innocent as she seems; could she have already betrayed him and his family? He won't be played for a fool! He'll get his revenge by cutting her out of his heart-and putting a ring on her finger!


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